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How big is a load of Holts hardwood logs
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Responsibly sourced British firewood kindling
Kindling responsibly sourced from British woodland and not salvaged from skips!

Log Fire Kindling

A great log fire starts with good quality kindling. Too many people waste time on their hands and knees trying to light log fires using scrunched-up newspaper which burns too quickly and too cool to get logs burning well in an open fire or log burner. We're always asked how many bags of firewood kindling is enough and we always recommend 6 bags of kindling per full load and 3 bags per half load of logs.

Why choose our kindling for your log fire, stove or burner?

We don't salvage wood from a skip in order to produce our kindling - all our kindling comes from the very same woodland that our hardwood logs come from. Too much kindling is made from broken-up pallets or shipping crates that are still full of sap or have been spray-painted for easy identification.

We produce the best quality kindling that we can so you can spend less time on your hands and knees and more time sitting in front of a lovely roaring log fire.

Order quality seasoned logs, delivered direct, save £££s

Online ordering is the fastest way to arrange a delivery of logs by us direct to your home. We're a traditional business and we're still able to take payment upon delivery. We make our regular deliveries on Thursday, Fridays and Saturdays and our deliveries are typically 7-14 days after order. If you have any questions, please do phone us on 01582 767868. Thank you.

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