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Phil Holt and Son prides itself on producing top quality firewood. What Customers think about our firewood products and home delivery service matters a great deal to us.

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We genuinely care and want to understand what your experience of our products and our service is. Phil and Kev would be grateful if you're able to share your thoughts with others through a post on this website feedback page. We review all feedback and respond directly when appropriate.

How Did We Do?

We welcome all constructive feedback from Customers and actively listen for ways of making what we do even better. If you'd rather not post your comments or questions on this webpage, we'd encourage you to call Phil, Nicola or Kev on 01582 767868 and we will do our best to help and advise.

An absolutely beautiful Christmas tree was delivered on Monday. Ordering via the website was easy and all communication was great from the lady in the office who arranged the delivery to the driver who called before he arrived, arrived on time and carried it down the garden for me. I'm so pleased with it. Thank you. Mary Goffs Oak

Phil Holt replied: We are thrilled to hear that you are so pleased with your tree and the service you received from start to finish.We hope you have a wonderful christmas and enjoy the festive season.

First time customer, and no affiliation, but Holt’s logs were the best we’ve ever had. Really well seasoned, low moisture, and burned just as well in an open fire as a log burner. Great friendly helpful delivery by Kevin too - thanks! Rhys Thomas

Phil Holt replied: Thankyou for such positive feedback.We love happy customers.We look forward to seeing you again soon.

I have been so impressed with the excellent customer service provided by Holts. They really are so warm and friendly - you can tell it's a real family-run business, and just the kind of local business that I'm glad to support. I can't wait to get my Christmas tree! Jacqui Smith

Phil Holt replied: Thankyou so much for this lovely comment.We really do try and give each and everyone of our customers the time they require to discuss their orders.We especially love meeting you all at this time of year as you come into our yard to choose your Christmas trees. Thankyou for your continued support.

Have just purchased a beautiful 7’ Christmas tree and Kev and Phil could not have been more helpful. Choosing a tree and taking the time to un-net them for me was no bother. Thankyou very much! R Collier

Phil Holt replied: You are very welcome.It was lovely to meet you.We hope that you enjoy your tree and wish you a very Happy Christmas.

I'd like to order a half larch / half hardwood load but there is no way to order this on the website without ordering two half loads (which works out much more expensive). half and half

Phil Holt replied: We would be more than happy to accommodate this request. Cost would be 50% of full load of hardwood and 50% full load of larch.Totalling £225 which equates to full load prices. Please do call if you require any other help in this matter.

Great delivery, polite and helpful driver, loads of logs and they are beautifully seasoned. Many thanks!!Barry Smith

Phil Holt replied: Thankyou for such positive feedback during these difficult times.

We never burn anything other than your kindling and wood and everything seems to stay clean. Last year the sweep said I wouldn't need him back for two years because the stove and flue were so clean. He said 'I can see you are not burning rubbish'.David Brewer

How big is a load of Holts hardwood logs