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Christmas trees delivered to Harpenden
Order your Christmas tree online and we'll deliver in time for Xmas!

Top Quality Christmas Trees Delivered To Your Door

Holts of Harpenden is pleased to announce that, once again this year, we will be offering Christmas trees for sale and adding them to our log delivery service. Select a size between 3' to 8' then choose between the traditional Norway Spruce Christmas tree and the Non-drop Nordmann Fir Christmas tree.

Traditional Norway Spruce Christmas Tree

Traditional Norway Spruce Christmas Tree - Phil Holt & Son Timber ContractorsThe Norwegian Spruce is the iconic tree of Christmas - Phil Holt & Son are delighted to be able to deliver this tradional, classic tree to homes of Harpenden and across Hertfordshire. Prices start at: £30.00

Non-Drop Nordmann Fir Christmas Tree

Non-Drop Nordmann Fir Christmas Tree - Phil Holt & Son Timber ContractorsThe Nordmann Fir is referred to as a non-drop Christmas tree thanks to its superior performance indoors. You may expect your Nordmann Fir to hold onto its needles for about 4 weeks. Prices start at: £35.00

Phil Holt and Son offer free Christmas tree delivery to your home when it's within a 15 mile radius of our timber yard in Harpenden, Hertfordshire. You choose whether to have us bring your tree along with a log delivery or wait until we do our rounds on the weeks running-up to Christmas.

Choose between Spruce or Fir tree

The Norwegian Spruce is the traditional choice for homes across Hertfordshire. The branches of the Norway, when compared to the more popular Nordmann are fuller and denser. A Norwegian Spruce grows with an attractive full shape right to the top and gives off a lovely, traditional scent.
The Nordmann Fir tree has, over recent years become the preferred variety of Christmas tree, thanks mostly to an ability to retain its needles for longer when brought indoors. The Nordmann Fir is characterised by it's two-tone appearance, the tree has non-pointy, glossy, flattened needles which are dark-green on the top with two silver-grey bands below.

Locally grown and felled

Holt's Christmas trees are all grown and felled locally - our trees are not imported or flown-in. UK grown Christmas trees are responsibly farmed and so at least one new tree will be planted for every Christmas tree felled.

Christmas Trees - Collect With Confidence

People want to remember. People want to build memories. So, if you are looking to capture a traditional Christmas we can help make that happen here at Holts logs.

Christmas traditions are things that we remember from years past.

It is never too early to start planning for the most wonderful time of the year. That's what we think at Holts logs.

Let your real Christmas tree be the centre of the festive season this year. Picking it out is a much more memorable experience. One you can share with your family. So why not come and visit our yard and choose this year's Christmas tree with confidence at Holts logs.

Quality Christmas Tree Deliveries Across Hertfordshire

We offer free Christmas deliveries within a 30 mile radius of Holts logs yard. If you would like us to deliver your Christmas tree with a delivery of logs then our standard 30 mile delivery radius applies. With the proper precautions in place you may also visit our Harpenden yard to select and collect your own Christmas tree.

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