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Christmas trees HarpendenOrder your Christmas tree online and have us deliver a tree direct to your home this December

Phil Holt & Son is pleased to announce that, once again this year, we will be offering Christmas trees for sale and adding them to our log delivery service. Select a size between 4' to 8' then choose between the traditional Norway Spruce Christmas tree and the Non-drop Nordmann Fir Christmas tree.

We select only the best trees and can assure top quality Christmas trees which will be delivered right to your door.

About our trees

Christmas tree farm HertfordshireWorking with Christmas trees is an all year job. The Christmas tree farm we work with, dedicate their time in growing the best trees, keeping them in tip top shape.

Spring time: Hard work goes into stopping weeds and brambles growing up and smothering the trees especially the young ones, so its hands on with strimmers to keep the weeds down.

Summer: It is important to make sure the trees do not grow too fast in the warmth of the summer sun and grow into odd shapes. They are therefore carefully hand pruned.

Winter: In the period running up to Christmas the trees are graded and tagged with individual labels. The lower grade trees, often go to the big retail departments and are sold at low prices.

We only sell premium, top grade Christmas trees. Entirely the same as our log principles, we strive for our customers to receive the best and work to gain your custom year after year.

How the delivery works

Hertfordshire Christmas tree deliveriesFirst of all we would like to say that you do not have to be a log customer or order logs online to have a Christmas tree delivered. If you would just like to place an order for a Christmas tree then a 15 mile radius from AL5 applied. However you can place an order for one of our premium Christmas trees along with you log order and have it delivered at the same time or indeed a time that is closer to Christmas. We don't want you to delay your log order, just to receive your tree at the right time during the festive season.

Christmas tree care

Holts fireside Christmas tree deliveriesNorways (traditional trees) - The Norway tree is harder to take care of and is best kept away from hot radiators or log stoves/open fires especially when burning our logs! Before you take your tree inside, cut a small slice off the bottom to open a new cut that will allow the tree to drink. (if you have a stand with water in it) after a few hours of the Christmas tree not having any water the sap will seep out and seal the end stoping the water being absorbed.

Nordmann Fir (non drop) - As by the common name for these trees the non-drops are a lot more acclimatised to the warmth of a home and will last a lot longer especially with some care. It is not essential to water, but the tree will keep a fresher look if you do. If you have a stand that will hold water, cut a small slice off the bottom and don't let it dry out. After a few hours with no water the sap will seep out and seal the end stopping the Christmas tree absorbing the water.

The best way to maximise the life of your Christmas tree indoors is to care for your tree while it is in your home - treating it like any houseplant that you bring into a warm, dry atmosphere. Keep your Christmas tree away from radiators and log fires (indeed any source of heat) and water your tree daily.

Holts logs Christmas tree standBefore bringing a Christmas tree indoors it is a good idea if you saw about half an inch off the bottom of the tree's trunk; this fresh cut of the tree and improves the Christmas tree's ability to take-on water through capillary action.

Mount your tree in a water-holding stand or wedge it in a bucket with pebbles, small stones or screwed up newspaper.

Last Year's Favourite

Once again this year, we're delighted to be able to deliver your Christmas tree complete with a Christmas tree stand. Once you've chosen your tree size, just let us know you'd also like a Christmas tree stand by selecting one of four sizes. The range of tree bases we supply are durable, they're moulded from robust plastic and, year after year, are capable of securing trees of up to 12ft tall.

Quality Christmas Tree Deliveries Across Hertfordshire

We offer free Christmas deliveries within a 30 mile radius of Holts logs yard. If you would like us to deliver your Christmas tree with a delivery of logs then our standard 30 mile delivery radius applies. With the proper precautions in place you may also visit our Harpenden yard to select and collect your own Christmas tree.

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