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The fragile woodland ecology
The woodlands from which we source timber and produce logs are fragile and we're conscious of our place in the ecology

The history & future of our woodland

The south of England was once a heavily wooded area and during the Second World War a lot of these woodland areas were compulsory purchased, predominantly for communication - all the young oaks, a foot in diameter, were compulsory purchased for telegraph poles and various bridges, roadways etc.

British woodlands were desecrated in the '40s through compulsory purchase, timber was an important material for industry as many vehicles and lorries were still built using a lot of timber - obviously furniture was and houses were (and still are) built with a huge amount of wood so forestry was a massively important industry to be in. When we came out of the war, a lot of these woodlands went derelict as manufacturers, such as Foden Trucks who, in 1962, invented the fibre glass coach for lorries, turned to other materials. Plastic came about, moulded aluminium came about. Window frames and barrels of beer became aluminium instead of wood. Timber was on a decline so British woodland fell into decline.

autumn country laneWhen we started-out in the log business in the '60s and '70s, back then a lot of our woodland was derelict but both the general public and passionate land owners have, as well as our own company, have begun to turn the land around and now many woods are looked after. We realise that this is part of our history; our woodlands are an important asset to have for all of us. We need woods for oxygen, we need woods for wildlife and our butterflies need them. The whole ecology and habitat of the woodland revolves around other certain parts of wildlife too and we're educated enough now to know this.

Now, when we go into woodlands to fell trees and source wood for logs, we still come across woodland that has overgrown and become mis-managed. Certainly when Phil Holt started out in business back in the 1970s this scene was typical. However, most of the woodlands we now manage are totally different woodlands from those of the post-war era. We do more than simply fell trees and cart them off for log production - we're part of the wood's ecology and natural cycle, it's an ongoing thing of which we're proudly part of.

Woodland management

churchyard snowdropsMis-managed woodlands are overgrown, trees block-out the daylight, you don't get animals coming into woods like these. It gets cold and dense, creating a damp cold and dark environment.

Wildlife needs our woods, all need a beautiful environment to live in. There's a phenomenal amount of life in our woodlands, if it's left derelict they go elsewhere. No birds singing, just quiet, cold and wet, this is mirrored within the plant life. When woods are managed properly daylight filters in allowing wild orchids, grasses and other plant life. We're a small but vital part of that ecology.

Turning around derelict woodland

Change is soon seen once work commences in a derelict wood. Within 12 months it's transformed. Between 10-15 years it's stunning. Its warm and welcoming surroundings invite nature's flora and fauna to thrive in it again. Seeds that fall are unable to germinate in cold, dark surroundings - over time no new growth or saplings appear. Once daylight and sun filter back into the woodlands a whole new generation will flourish in the woodlands.

Playing our small part in something so much bigger

As log producers, we are so aware of the fragility of the woodlands we work in. It's our honour to play our part in the ecology of the woodlands and do our bit, however small, in keeping the woodland there for future generations to come.

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Online ordering is the fastest way to arrange a delivery of logs by us direct to your home. We're a traditional business and we're still able to take payment upon delivery. We make our regular deliveries on Thursday, Fridays and Saturdays and our deliveries are typically 7-14 days after order. If you have any questions, please do phone us on 01582 767868. Thank you.

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