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Burlyburn Burleyburn biomass eco-fuel miscanthus elephant grass
Eco/Biomass alternatives to burning logs in your open fire or wood burning stove.

Sustainable British Biomass Fuel - Delivered Direct

The Burlerrow biomass alternative to burning logs and charcoal (Burlyburn) is manufactured here in the UK and is an extremely eco-friendly alternative to burning wood and charcoal in your log burner, open fire, chimnea, stove or wood burner.

Eco logs and biomass fuel

Burlyburn - Sustainable Log Alternative

Burlyburn - Sustainable Log Alternative - Phil Holt & Son Timber ContractorsBurlyburn is an eco-friendly alternative to burning logs. Burlyburn is made for log burners and stoves from a renewable and completely natural source - miscanthus grass. £3.00

Ecofire SuperFlare Logs

Ecofire SuperFlare Logs - Phil Holt & Son Timber ContractorsEcofire SuperFlare briquettes are easy to light, heat up very quickly and get up to temperature within 10 minutes. Formed from compressed hardwood sawdust, use this premium fuel in multi-fuel stoves, open fires, chimneas and fire pits. £8.00

Burlyburn is a green, renewable and completely natural alternative fuels made from miscanthus (Elephant Grass) by-products, extracted during the manufacture of animal bedding.

What is miscanthus?

Miscanthus (or elephant grass as it is sometimes known) is a biomass crop that originated in South East Asia. Miscanthus was initially introduced into Europe as an ornamental garden plant but over recent years has become one of the most important crop used for biomass production.

Although we sell miscanthus here as an energy crop, primarily, miscanthus is grown for animal bedding as it is very absorbent (being able to absorb up to three times its own weight in moisture) and its woody nature means the dust content is low, avoiding respiratory problems.
During the processing of this animal bedding, a by-product is created and it is this by-product that is compacted here in the UK and turned into the biomass eco-fuel: Burlyburn.

Miscanthus is defined as being carbon neutral. The carbon dioxide emitted when burnt can be balanced out by the amount of carbon dioxide absorbed from the atmosphere while the plant grows on home soil here in the UK. There are no fertilisers or pesticides used on the miscanthus crop once it is established.
These green factors are what make the miscanthus crop so different to other conventional crops as the energy efficient eco-friendly crop is far more friendly to the environment.

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Online ordering is the fastest way to arrange a delivery of logs by us direct to your home. We're a traditional business and we're still able to take payment upon delivery. We make our regular deliveries on Thursday, Fridays and Saturdays and our deliveries are typically 7 days after order. If you have any questions, please do phone us on 01582 767868. Thank you.