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Real Christmas trees delivered to homes in the AL postcode
The Nordmann Fir Christmas tree drops less needles - looking better for longer.

Keeping the spirit of Christmas alive

The Nordmann Fir has become one of the most widely grown species of Christmas tree, it is favoured for its attractive two-tone foliage with needles that are not sharp and do not drop readily as New Year approaches and the tree begins to dry out.

Superior indoor performance

The Nordmann Fir Christmas tree drops less needlesShedding needles is part of the life cycle of a conifer tree; bringing a Christmas tree indoors accelerates the shedding process as the cut tree begins to dry out. However, some Christmas trees offer a superior performance in the home and drop less needles.

The Nordmann Fir

The Nordmann (Abies Nordmanniana) is the UK's most popular real Christmas tree. When compared to the Norway Spruce, this tree offers a little more space between its thicker branches, making it the best choice for hanging larger, heavier Christmas decorations.

The needles, when crushed, give-off a very aromatic citrus smell.

The Nordmann Fir tree has a straight central trunk and downward pointing branches. The needles are dark green on top and silver-grey underneath and, when growing in forests, stay on the tree's branches for 14-20 years, longer than any other fir sold as a Christmas tree. This longevity helps to create a dense canopy from the tip of the tree down to the ground and is also what makes the Nordmann such an outstanding non-drop Christmas tree. If left alone it'll grow to over 40 metres high but is a slower growing tree than others, therefore, the Nordmann is a little more expensive than other species due to the work required to maintain a good shape.

The Nordmann Fir is reputed to be the best choice if you suffer from allergies and are concerned about bringing a Christmas tree indoors, as the tree's needles have a thick waxy coating.

Quality Christmas Tree Deliveries Across Hertfordshire

We offer free Christmas deliveries within a 30 mile radius of Holts logs yard. If you would like us to deliver your Christmas tree with a delivery of logs then our standard 30 mile delivery radius applies. With the proper precautions in place you may also visit our Harpenden yard to select and collect your own Christmas tree.

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