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Delivering real Christmas trees across the AL postcode
Bring a traditional Norway Spruce into your Hertfordshire home this Christmas.

The real, traditional, Christmas tree

We select top quality, young trees in a range of sizes for your home. Bushy, healthy and late-harvested from fields here in the UK, our real Christmas trees will be a joy to come home to and gather around this Christmas and into the new year.

Spruce-up your home this Christmas

The Norway Spruce - traditionally the real Christmas treeThe Norway Spruce (Picea Abies) is perhaps most recognisable as the traditional Christmas tree, found in many UK homes during the festive season. The tree is not a British native species but, as its name suggests, originates in Europe and was widely planted during the early 20th century.

The Norwegian Spruce is the type of Christmas tree that you'll find each year in Traflagar Square, given to the UK by the City of Oslo since 1947. The Trafalgar Square tree is a token of gratitude, celebration and commemoration of Britain's support for Norway during WWII when the Norwegian government and royal family lived in exile in London during the occupation Norway.

The annual gift of a Christmas tree has become symbolic of deep, long-lasting friendships and you can bring this spirit right into the heart of your home.

The real Christmas tree

When grown out in the field with full sun, a Norway Spruce will take the classic Christmas tree shape. With a broad base of spreading branches close to the ground, a gently tapering shape towards the top and matures to reach its maximum height of about 40 metres. Clearly, the Christmas trees we deliver to your home are far younger specimens - if left to reach maturity in a forest the Norway Spruce would quickly lose its lowest, shaded, branches to concentrate on its height to become a tall, slender tree with a clear trunk for over half its height and quite a small, narrow canopy.

Locally felled by specialists

As timber merchants and forestry contractors, Phil Holt and Son has been felling trees for homeowners from local managed sources since the 1970s. We ensure Christmas the trees we sell and deliver to homes in Harpenden, St Albans and across Hertfordshire are young, bushy and the picture of health.

Quality Christmas Tree Deliveries Across Hertfordshire

We offer free Christmas deliveries within a 30 mile radius of Holts logs yard. If you would like us to deliver your Christmas tree with a delivery of logs then our standard 30 mile delivery radius applies. With the proper precautions in place you may also visit our Harpenden yard to select and collect your own Christmas tree.

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