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Christmas tree select and collect Harpenden
Gather Family & Friends Round a Holt's Christmas Tree this Year

Your safety comes first

Picking-out a real Christmas tree is a memorable experience; one you can share with your family. So why not come and visit our yard at Holts logs and choose this year's Christmas tree with confidence.
We have all learnt and are still learning new safe ways of living in these unprecedented times, especially the importance of hands, face, space. Holts logs take our community's health and safety very seriously. Please read our safety guidance

A real Christmas tree brings your skill of being a creator at Christmas to the fore front. The contours of real trees do not follow the rules of plastic, making your final decorating master piece so much more satisfying to see. Pine needles smell great too. Their nostalgic scent has also been found to have a positive effect on the mind, something that seems so important in these difficult and unforeseen times.

Better for you and the environment

Hertfordshire Christmas tree farmAs growers and retailers of Christmas trees, we know and understand how much better for the environment real trees are, they certainly are far more sustainable. We at Holts' real Christmas trees are grown as an ornamental crop specifically for Christmas. There is no deforestation, in fact quite the opposite, many Christmas trees are planted every year.
Christmas tree plantations indeed improve the atmosphere, reducing humanity's carbon footprint. It is estimated that a 2 metre artificial tree has a carbon footprint more than twice that of a real tree, which ends up in landfill and more than 10 times if the real tree is burnt.

Let your real Christmas tree be the centre of the festive season this year.

As a nation recently released from lockdown, we are continuing to look for ways to build happy memories and spend special times with our families. That's a positive to come out of the pandemic that we all have faced and will continue to do so. Although the Coronavirus pandemic led to so many planned events and celebrations being shelved this past year and a half, Holts logs feels Christmas 2021 fast approaching and is staying positive.The Real Tree of Christmas

From the traditional Christmas tree to the traditional dinner and of course everything in between, we're sensing there has never before been such a yearning for tradition for this up and fast-approaching Christmas season. The reason is probably obvious and you have undoubtedly guessed that COVID19 has had (and still does have) some serious influence over this trend.Superior Indoor Performance

How to order your real Christmas tree

On arriving at our yard you can safely peruse our beautiful Christmas trees, some will be displayed in stands for you to see them in all their glory before making your choice. Here at Holts logs we offer three ways to choose and purchase your Christmas tree this year:
i) Pick your tree and drive it home with you that day;
ii) Choose your tree and book a free delivery to suit you [details below]
iii) Simply scroll-down and submit a Christmas tree order online.

How we're working to keep you safe

non drop needle indoor Christmas treeThe impact of Coronavirus on everyday life has yet to be fully determined, but it has already taught us a few lessons. So, whether you choose to avoid public shopping places, queues, reduce social contact, self-isolate or just feel happier to stay safe at home, Holts logs can supply and deliver to you, your real Christmas tree this year for a very special Christmas. We have all learnt and are still learning new safe ways of living in these unprecedented times, especially the importance of hands, face, space. Holts logs take our community's health and safety very seriously. Therefore, before you plan your visit to select a real Christmas tree please consider the following:

  1. We politely request that if you or a member of your household have any symptoms of COVID19 that you follow Government guidelines and do not attend our yard.
  2. We welcome telephone and online orders if you are self-isolating and look forward to welcoming you to our yard in the years to come.
  3. We have put into our yard hand sanitisation units which are available at all times.
  4. As our duty of care to all our customers and staff, we are asking that you bring your own PPE and that face masks are worn during your visit.
  5. Please remember the 2m social distancing rule wherever possible.
  6. By visiting our yard you are able to limit any exposure to the virus as there is plenty of room to practice all guidelines outside.
  7. We can now offer the facility of BACS payment along with our traditional cash or cheque.

We wish all our customers new and old the most memorable and joyful Christmas Season and may the coming year of 2022 bring health and prosperity.

Quality Christmas Tree Deliveries Across Hertfordshire

We offer free Christmas deliveries within a 30 mile radius of Holts logs yard. If you would like us to deliver your Christmas tree with a delivery of logs then our standard 30 mile delivery radius applies. With the proper precautions in place you may also visit our Harpenden yard to select and collect your own Christmas tree.

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